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86 Forex Pips NFP Day Feb 5
Written by Joseph/ Feb2021
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In the first 5 years of my trading career, "Trading The News" was a big deal for a lot of new and inexperienced traders.

It seemed like an opportunity to make some easy quick money but just the same,
you can lose a lot of money really fast.

It never failed that on Non Farm Payrolls day, everyone would talk about their trade plan and try to invite everyone to trade with them in their chat room.

Problem is that not too many people can successfully trade Non Farm Payrolls very well, and most often, they were wrong with their trade calls.

And to make matters worse, the people who claimed to be "experts" felt the pressure to call out a trade or to do something while everyone watched in the chat room.
This only made matters worse because sometimes there isn't a trade with Non Farm Payrolls.

After a while, trading the news lost its appeal to me and I mostly ignore the moment the news is released.
I still keep track of the results to economic data/ reports but it isn't the basis for a trade entry for me unless all indications confirm a technical trade setup for me according to my trading system.

Today, Non Farm Payrolls day February 5, 2021, I was able to find a few trades (study charts posted below)
and I earned 86 pips profit with Forex and I had a few trades in commodities and Index Futures trades.
(study charts posted below)

These trades are always confirmed and timed with my Point and Figure Charts.

The AUD/USD trade was a double top entry (there was a triple top entry prior but I'm a cautious trader) and the EUR/USD was a triple top entry.

NQ/NAS trade Non Farm Payrolls Feb5 (below)
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Watch this video and let me know if you have any questions about the content.
(this video is about 1hour)
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Joseph has just over 20 years full time trading experience. He teaches new and novice traders how to trade using the "3 Pillars of Old School Trading" and the trading lessons focus on Wyckoff principles, Point & Figure trading, Wave Volume Range Analysis and Supply & Demand methodologies.
Joseph began coaching and teaching his strategies in 2007.
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