I'm the founder of Forex Day Trading Academy, an online mentorship program that speeds up learning by teaching you basics and realistic understanding about supply and demand in markets.
In my mentoring program, you are guided from the start with a simple but thorough training of the trading and investing basics that all traders should begin with but rarely do since they aren't really aware of where to begin.
In this day and age when everyone is on their phones or otherwise distracted but YouTube videos.
I know how easy it can be to gloss over important lessons like these without even realizing what you're missing out on!
I am the go-to mentor for traders who are tired of trying and failing.
I can show you how to create consistency in your trading, improve profitability with strategy development or risk management techniques tailored specifically towards what works best for YOU!
I've been coaching since 2007 and I know that this is a tough industry.
That's why my strategies are simple to learn because they're designed with the everyday needs of the retail trader in mind, not just high-level executives or Wall Street professionals.
My coaching clients feel confident on their first day and begin using these methods successfully.
Three Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Here.
Here's Why:
I can not help you get rich quick.
For some reason people equate online trading to "get rich quick".
I understand it. That's what is in the movies and videos and I was interested in the Wall Street story too... (way back in the day)
When I started trading, I thought it would be relatively easy and thought of myself as a pretty smart individual. I operated my own business and for some wild reason, I thought I could handle it and money would be coming in everyday with ease.
BOY, was I wrong!  It wasn't easy.
As it turns out, learning how to trade was the hardest thing I have ever accomplished in my life. And usually there isn't anyone to tell you exactly where to start and what you need to learn.
But if you know where to start, you have someone with experience to help you and show you what you need to know right from the start, it really does work.
So if you are not prepared to commit more effort than you're expecting, I'm probably not your guy.
If you don't want to learn the basics of my trading system, 
you're not going to like my strategies.
Here's why I'm telling you this.
Far too many traders go to YouTube to learn how to trade for free.
This means that they aren't getting the right information from experienced traders. And they aren't learning the "REAL" basics of trading.
( I know this because I watch some of the videos... as hard as it is to watch  🤮
To me, it's like the inexperienced leading the inexperienced and I think it ends really bad for a lot of people who don't deserve that.
And the sad part is that standing in front of a Lamborghini or a Yacht in some of these videos gets a lot of attention.
Does some of it work?
Probably. In the short term and maybe some of the times. But if you rely on that kind of education, you don't really understand the markets. You have a limited understanding that's supported by an unsustainable gimmick.
If you're looking for the "Easy Way", 
I don't want to help you.
It's important to me that you understand what I am saying here.
I can help you, I just won't, I am capable if it but I refuse to do it.
Because when I hear someone say, "What's the easiest way" (even after I've already simplified everything) what I really hear is, "I'm not fully invested in the long term success and the happiness of my family... and I am therefore not fully invested in the long term success of my trading career."
I want you to know that trading can be easy and stress free once you understand the basics, and the strategies and methodologies and yes it will be hard work at first, but when you have it all in place it can be just like you imagined: Consistent, Stress-Free Trading that can provide you with the money you want at any level!
You're Still Here?.....  Good.
Here's what you can expect from me.
  • Actionable strategies and tactics that you can use right now!
  • A proven trading system that I've been using for more than 20 years... I will not only give it to you, I will help you use it so you can have the kind of success I've had with it
  • I will guide you, I will protect you from making the mistakes that typically put traders out of business and I will support you and teach you everything I know so you can do it too
But you might be wondering...
How Do I Know If Your Stuff Is Any Good?
Well the best thing to do is watch some of the free videos on my YouTube channel (link is below) or click the "Case Studies" link below to watch some of my live trades using the simple strategies that I start all of my coaching clients off with.
If you like what you see and hear in the videos, and you would like information about my coaching program, you can Book A Call with me and together you and I can find out if I can really help you achieve your goals. 
(just click the "Become A Client" button to get started)