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Since 2007, I have helped over 10,000 traders learn my trading system and grow their accounts. I help new and novice traders who have a strong work ethic and are vehemently coachable.
Take Your Trading And Profits To The Next Level
Dear Future Forex Millionaire,
If you are here, chances are you're looking for a mentor/coach that can help you start, grow or compound your trading account so you can earn a full time living from trading.
You've likely also spoken with or checked out other mentors/coaches who can only solve part of your problem, they typically speak in generalities, or they simply aren't direct and to the point because they lack the experience and knowledge.
I've been there! About 20 years ago I started my trading career and I lost half my account in a few short months. The people that I was learning from, didn't have enough experience and their knowledge was very limited at best. And very often they didn't have any answers for the questions I had. They also ignored me once I paid them and I was on my own to figure it out by myself.
I had to develop my trading system on my own. I had know idea where to start but I was determined to succeed because my family was counting on me and... it was my dream to become a trader.
I made so many mistakes and yet I kept hammering away but it wasn't necessary for me to experience this... all I really needed was to find someone who had a lot of experience and would be with there with me when I traded so I could get the support I needed and to answer my questions.
That's why I started Forex Day Trading Academy.
I know this for sure... Every day you wait to get help is another day you are unsure of how to trade and you'll likely continue to experience losses. Let me guide you like I have so many other traders.
work with a mentor that has consistently earned 8 figures per year and has helped more than 10,000 traders...
How I Can Help
This is my premier coaching program where I help traders earn hundreds if not thousands of pips per month consistently 
so they can live from their trading efforts.
If you want to be a successful trader, this is the perfect course. With over 20 years of proven results and an expert coach who has been trained by professionals themselves- not just YouTube university - there's no better way for learning how to trade Forex.
A good coach will help you win and avoid the mistakes that put traders out of business. Get guidance, support or just friendly company when things get tough and have your coach by your side throughout every step of your trading journey.
When your performance isn't up to standards and fear immobilizes what little confidence remains in yourself as a trader, I will be there for you - answering any question that may trouble you, I will be there to answer. I've been coaching traders since 2007 and teaching them how they can overcome obstacles like these.
You'll get more than just my trading system, you're going to learn advanced strategies and grow as a trader. The markets are an ocean of learning with understanding that never ends - we strive for constant improvement. You'll learn how I trade, and most importantly of all - why these strategies work! 
The first thing we will do is give your current trading plan and or strategy a thorough assessment. We'll figure out exactly where you need help, what's holding you back, and where I can help.

We then develop a custom plan for you so you can start right away using my trading system and earning profits right away.
1. Apply
Tell me about your trading results and your strategy. It takes two or three minutes and will help me make sure we are a good fit to work together. I do not take money from people I cannot help, and I only work with people that I get a long with.
2. Book A Call
Immediately after applying you will be asked to choose a time for your call. Once your call is booked, you'll get instant access to a video that shows everything included in the program, so you are prepared prior to the call.
3. The Call
Once on the phone call, me or someone from my team will ask questions about your specific situation and answer any questions you may have. We will make SURE we can help you before even offering my coaching program.
4. Onboarding
If we decide to work together, you'll pay the fee and be onboarded right there on the spot. I will then design a custom plan just for you so you can get started right away.
2. Implement
You will begin by watching my educational videos in the first module, downloading the pre-built trading system, and then come onto the coaching calls to make sure you're implementing the strategies properly.
I take a very serious and professional approach to this coaching program. It's not enough to show you some videos and eBooks, I want you to participate and work with me so I can see how you trade and help you correct mistakes.
The skills to trade must be developed and the only way to do that is through regular and consistent "execution coaching". In other words, I not only show you what to do, and how to do it, but I also help you become REALLY good at trading.
Fast Education
You'll watch my 30 day short cut program videos and these are "to the point". The two primary strategies only take 15 minutes each to learn and I promise that if you still have any doubt or don't understand something, I will personally teach you the two strategies on a "one on one" skype call so that by the time we are done, you will be able to execute the trade as good as I do!

You will also have full access to all of the trading system.
You'll download my checklists, workbooks and MT4 templates and the road map specifically created for you. This system includes educational videos that are short and concise. I will teach you the strategies, the principles and the rules for using my trading system that helps me earn hundreds and many times thousands of pips per month! 
Each week you'll have access to world class support. There are 3 coaching calls every week: Beginner, Advanced and General where every level is welcome (you can attend all three at any time). these are group calls and they are recorded and dropped into the members area at the end of each coaching call day. I answer your questions, give direct feedback, review your trades, talk about live trades taken through the day and I never "beat around the bush" I will give you the answers your looking for regarding my trading system. And, everyone gets their questions answered.
They say you are the average of your top five friends. the only way to grow and stay accountable in this business is to embrace a community of like-minded traders. You'll be able to strategize with other Forex traders who are working hard like to grow their accounts and to achieve their goals.
Who I Work With
I like working and trading with people who are fun to work with, committed and don't mind direct advice. You're likely a good fit if:...
You're committed. 
You're coachable.
You have ethics.
This coaching program isn't cheap, but I get results for my coaching clients and it's a lot cheaper than trying to do this alone.

Reviews About My Forex Mentorship Program...

I'm setting this up to make as much as I can

"Hi Joseph,
I'm setting this up to make as much as I can. It took me a little while to fund my account so I could use the standard lot. I need this to make me as much money as possible.
Friday was my first day using your service on the live account with the standard lot.
My total results are $526.31! I am really hopeful this is a glimpse into the future. I have already earned back the price I paid for your service in the first day and if you can keep this up I'm estimating that I could earn more than I make at my present job. This is a blessing.
Now I know there will be losses but if what you say is true, that you can earn the losses back then I have confidence that you are the guy to finally deliver the goods! Thank you Joseph"

Joseph, You are the Man

"Joseph, You are the Man! I have taken two trades in the last 24 hours and did exactly what you said to do. I traded your HL30 on the GBP/USD for 20 pips and the Breakout Trade on the GBP/JPY for 100 pips and I did this all with my real account using a standard account. I know that you probably have students doing much better but deciding to use your ebook course was a very important step for me. I have tried many trading services that never working out as promised and I am sick of using EA’s. You are the real deal! I love you man. Me and my family thank you and we are going out to dinner to celebrate"

I made $947 last week

"I was going to give up trading but then I found your website and watched some of your videos (several times) and I just knew you were the guy that could really help me. I want you to know how much your help means to me, I can't believe I am finally making money and what's more, I'm keeping my profits not giving it back. I made $947 last week and I have never done that before. I owe it all to you. You're the best Joseph"
What Makes My Coaching Course Different?
I'm a trader who's been in the markets for more than two decades. I've made every mistake that you can imagine, and through it all--
I learned something every single time.
These mistakes all have real value today because these lessons are what helped me and my coaching clients become successful traders.
In fact, learning from each of those mistakes has improved me to the point where I developed a trading system that is build on true market principles and on the same methodologies that some of the greatest traders in history used and this means my coaching clients are consistently making profits while also being happy with their decision to hire me as their mentor.
I teach a clear step-by-step trading system so anyone who is committed and determined can gain this edge and succeed.
There is nothing more rewarding than earning consistent profits for yourself and I take pride in knowing that I can be a part of that and to help you build a foundation from which you can eventually trade any market and become a true "Master of the Markets"!
My coaching clients become successful because I am there with them every step of the way. I am here to help you grow your trading account! I don't waste any ones time on simple trading hacks and things that just don't work. 
The most important aspect of this coaching course is how well you can eventually trade on your own. What you are going to learn from me is how the markets "really work", how and why price moves the way it does and your going to get REALLY GOOD AT IT! 
Become A Coaching Client
I have taught more than 10,000 traders my trading strategies... Are YOU Next?
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