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How To Trade Forex...
Welcome to the Blog!
On these pages I have posted many trade ideas, live trades, trading lessons and simple strategies that you can learn and start using right away. 

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***Before you continue... you agree and understand that the information on this website and the blog articles are information and education only!!! these are not trade recommendations and if you are not in the coaching program you wont have access to updated information on these trades that I talk about in this blog posts. please do not chase a trade.
Most of the blog posts are trade ideas that I send to coaching students who are in the online trading course or study charts I've posted in the private FB group

When you read the blog post with my trade idea, please know that I am not calling out a trade and I never recommend chasing a trade. Use the information as a learning tool. 

The study charts and videos on the blog are trades I've executed and some of my coaching students have too. To get updates on the trade ideas you need to be in the online trading course. 

I discuss the three core pillars of my trading system (Analyzing consolidation (accumulation or distribution), counting the waves with volume to identify the foot print of Smart Money, and using Point and Figure to determine a precise entry with an exact profit target. 

As you study these blog posts and trade ideas, you will notice that we aren't scalping. Most of the trades will pay well over 70 pips and many over 200 pips on a single trade. This is the power of using this system with Point and Figure charts and we never guess about how long to hold onto a trade or where we should enter.

This system is good for day traders, swing traders and investors. And it can be applied to any market on any time frame.

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