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I am Joseph Fibonacci and I created the Forex Day Trading Academy which is a coaching program that speeds up your results by teaching trading strategies that have been proven to work for the last 22 years.
I have experienced just about every negative and positive experience that all retail traders experience on their journey to become a profitable and successful trader.
In 2001 I lost half of my trading account (I sold a business prior to becoming a full time trader and had a sizable account) as a result of buying a lot of books on candlestick patterns, and I joined several chat room signal services and bought a $2000 trading course that consisted of only basic information that was already available in the internet for free. 
I have to admit that I was very scared and didn't know how I was going to earn back all of the losses but through extreme ownership, I committed myself to learning the true market basics by studying the relationship between supply and demand, and what actually causes price to move.
This lead me to study Wyckoff principles and I learned from professional traders and I studied from professionals that operated profitable funds. (there wasn't any YouTube back then ;-)
I then started to develop my own trading system using these principles and I share all of my knowledge and trading system with my coaching clients today.
  • In 2005 I started a private managed fund and I continue to operate the fund with private investors to this day.
  • In 2005 I taught my first coaching client my trading system and he trades his own account earning a full time living with my trading system.
  • In 2007 I started my first chat room with live trade calls and I traded my own account with my subscribers watching all of my trades.
  • ​In 2007 I began coaching traders and teaching my trading system and I help aspiring traders earn a full time living from their trading efforts so they can live the life they want.
Who I Can Help
I help new and novice traders who have a strong work ethic and are vehemently coachable.
Venus Williams' coach, Eric Hechtman, defines being coachable as an athlete who listens, is always seeking ways to improve, accepts feedback, is open to positive criticism, and is process-driven.
A good trader is one that can accept their mistakes and move forward to learn from them.
A great attitude in trading will help you become a more profitable trader overall, but there's more to it than that...
A successful trader must: 1) Be willing 2) Follow instructions 3) Ask for help when needed 4 )Own what they do.
The best way to be a successful trader is by working with someone who can help you become self correcting, reliable and profitable.
How My Coaching Program Works
I teach you my complete trading system that consistently helps me earn 8 figures per year. Simple trading strategies mean nothing if your understanding of price action isn't grounded on the solid fundamentals of how the markets operate. I teach you how and why price moves so you can select the best trade entry making your profits bigger and your losses smaller.
I teach you the in's and out's of market structure so you can apply my easy to learn trading strategies and earn a full time living from your trading efforts. The trading system will allow you to trade stress free and you can select any time frame you wan to trade based on how much time you have available to trade.
You don't have to create your own trading plan, I will give you mine! I will show you my daily and weekly trade plan that you can follow and I include worksheets and check lists so you can check off step by step the confirmation of each trade you take. It's almost like a plug and play system.
What Makes My Coaching Course Different From All The Rest?

I developed a trading system that not only works, but it makes my coaching clients successful as fast as possible!

Fast Education. Learning more isn't always better... getting results FAST is BETTER!
I promise all of my coaching clients that they can learn just one of my trading strategies in 15 minutes and apply it the same day making profits right away!
I hand you a complete ready to use trading system that I've used successfully to earn 8 figures per year. You follow the instructions from the video lessons, download or print the checklists and execute your trades! It's that simple and I will be there with you every step of the way.
I've taught these powerful but simple trading strategies to more than 10,000 traders since 2007 so I know that they work and I know that you can learn them quickly and start earning money right away. I also teach you advanced trading strategies when you are ready.

closed this week with over 329 pips

"Dear Joseph,
I appreciate you checking in with me.
I think that's the mark of a good mentor, to see how well the program is working and you said that if there is anything I'm not comfortable with or might need changing, that you will do what it takes to help me.
I can't thank you enough for this opportunity. Your guidance this week has prevented me from making some of the mistakes that I normally make. The mistakes that always cost me money.
I closed this week with over 329 pips on my one standard lot!
I know that there could be losses in the future, that's what happens when you trade but you haven't called out any losing trades yet and I hope that one day I can trade like you on my own.
I have no complaints about the personal coaching sessions either. You obviously have a lot of experience helping people through their problems and I am grateful for the time you have taken to listen to me and help me.
Thank you Joseph and I hope to be a life long members of your chat room"

I was up about 370 pips

"Hi Joseph, Thanks very much for the follow up.
Makes me very confident I made the right choice for you to help me finally learn this forex trading the correct/best way for me.
I am pretty green compared to most probably, so sorry if I got a few more questions than most,
but I guess that's why I am having you help me. Lol!??
As you probably know am on the East coast and work full time (work is pretty flexible though), so have been in chat room from 5/5:30 - 10/11:00am.
I just want to get to a point where I don't have to reply on the chatroom/and copier for trades...
even though I plan to use them all, I want to learn this as best I can.
When you go off air I am going through the training modules as much as I can. A lot to cover. Wow!
As for performance this week I was up about 370 pips (some trades with scaling out so was not with full originals Trade lot amount)"

537 pips in three weeks

here are my results since I started with your Forex mastery course.
First off I'd like to state that my favorite strategy is the London Breakout trade you taught me.
It fits with my schedule, it's highly accurate and with your insight I stayed out of the trades last week that would have caused me to give back some of my profits.
So thank you for the homework sessions otherwise I would have continued trading that strategy with negative results, you saved my ass lol!
In the last three weeks I have made 13 London Breakout trades and all of them winners.
total pips: 380
total profits: $3,789.
I also had some tech one trades. 4 of them, 2 failed
Three winners, total pips: 57 pips
total profits: $567.
I traded 7 HL30's all but two were winners
total pips: 100
total profits: $984.
net results: 537 pips in three weeks
net profits: $5,340.
This has been an amazing experience!
I trusted you in the beginning but I am surprised at how this is all working out for me and without your guidance this would not have happened.
Thank you so much! "
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I have taught more than 10,000 traders my trading strategies... Are YOU Next?
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