My Mission

The current state of traditional Forex trading education is completely lacking.
I think it makes sense for both student’s future success in the markets as well as their own personal fulfillment that they get advice from people far more experienced than themselves when learning how to trade successfully.
There is a lot of misinformation and poor advice on YouTube.
You need to be careful if you decide to follow any trading tips from someone who doesn't have at least 20 years experience, as they may not know what they're talking about.
There are many people with little experience who impersonate "professional trader image" on the internet.
You need to learn from someone who has at least 20 years of experience in this field with a dedication to constantly improving their craft while studying only from top-tier professionals who operate private funds and really trade the markets everday.
I help traders succeed.
I show them how the markets "REALLY" work so they can trade any market and make money! 
My responsibility is to educate, and protect my coaching clients through their trading journey.
My mission:
To provide helpful insight into how financial markets really operate;
Guide dedicated individuals on a successful path towards investing or day-trading success;
Provide support for those interested in learning more about Forex, stocks & investments.
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